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Scorpio Horoscope 2019 : your annual prediction on love, work, luck and health

Your personal relationships have entered a great stage of important changes that you must assimilate although it is not an easy task. The people with whom until now you had strong ties in the field of friendship could vary radically or were your reference in some sense. At last you will bury the hatchet and you will discard those relationships with which you had so many problems in the past and you will enjoy the people that most favor you.

Your most kind and cordial side, the one that has been hidden for so long, will be the protagonist again. However, there will be big differences between the first and the second half of the year. While in the first one your more melancholic and anodyne side could be strengthened, from June you will have more opportunities and opportunities to grow, especially in the face of your personal relationships, and you will see life in a more positive way. It will be a more favorable stage to travel, learn new things and make changes. From August onwards, it will be good to focus on improving your family and intimate life, as well as everything related to your home.

If you have a partner, try not to fall into temptation, assess the consequences that your actions may have, study your feelings and think that there are things that could not be forgiven. It is a year of change in which you will meet new people who will make you rethink your feelings. Singles will enjoy several sporadic relationships, which will not take hold. You will enjoy a good summer, in which you will highlight your most sensual side and you will have many suitors. But we will have to wait until 2019 to meet the person who arrives to stay.

On the job, you may need extra help if you start a new project in 2019. Good year in general, but you must be very aware, be clear about your objectives and avoid wasting time on tasks that do not bring you anything. On the other hand, you can earn a lot of money, but that does not mean that you will save more, your expenses will continue to increase dangerously. Beware of spending more than you have, hold until September, when this situation will change completely.

The tensions in the economic plane can make your health worse, especially in everything that refers to diseases of the digestive system. You will have to be a little more attentive to everything you eat and not let the nerves accumulate in that area of the body. It will tend to improve by mid-year.

scorpio 2019 horoscope - love, money, career

Important dates:

June: Positive weeks both sexual and affective level.

October: You will have a small scare that can be either an extra load of work, or a reprimand from the boss or some discussion with colleagues.

December: Get on the train, you do not know when it will happen again.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2019

This is going to be a difficult year for love. If you are wrong with your partner, you will live the GREAT CRISIS. There will be obstacles, problems … it will be a very big test to try not to lose your partner, and you will have to make a huge effort both to solve it.

You are in a very crazy, egocentric phase of your life and you intend to socialize alone without your partner, which you may not accept. My advice is that you give freedom to your partner that you need and that way you will get less reproaches and misunderstandings.

If you are single, thanks to your great social life, you will meet many people, which will allow you to live many relationships, one after the other, more or less intense, but many.

Your family will be a matchmaker, looking for a partner or trying to help you so that you do not lose your partner, if you have one

This marriage is not advisable this year, since in 2019 the instability and the ephemeral thing reigns.

Do not make transcendental decisions, it is a year to analyze your love life, see what your reality is, your needs … You will make decisions later on.

Health Horoscope Scorpio 2019

The yearly scorpio horoscope from horoscope2019.guru reveal to us that this year you will have excellent health.

If you were sick last year of something that disappears. You have such strength that you are going to eliminate everything bad. You will also be full of energy.

It is important to continue with your good health and your energy, to have good harmony at home and with your partner. Your emotional stability is related to your family and your partner.

With what you have to be careful is with the weight. This 2019 you are going to stick a life of excess, binge, outings and it will be very easy to gain weight. So live well, have fun, eat well but all with moderation.

Even if you are fantastic, your weak points this year are going to be the colon, your sexual organs and the bladder.

For the colon I advise you a good diet, at least during the week, colon cleanings, take tisanes to clean, drink a lot of water.

Sex is your weak point, so always practice it with restraint and protection, please.

Meditation would go very well to keep you in balance and harmony.

Scorpio family and home 2019

The last years you have had many family conflicts, arguments, instability …

This year, the conditions improve, but these dislikes and confrontations do not disappear. Although towards the end of the year, you are going to make an extra effort, so that good harmony with your parents reigns at home.

Taking advantage of the good, that goes economically, you will completely change your house, redecorate it, works … you will want to make social life at home and want to invest in it.

If you have children, they will be very travelers, something that will make them evolve and they will want to share with you, which will help you to keep evolving thanks to them.

If you are a woman and you want to have a child, this is your year, since you will be very, very fertile.

Scorpio personal evolution 2019

This year your challenge is to learn to reflect deeply and analyze things well.

You need to go far beyond what you have ever been, to understand the enormous transformation that you are going to experience this year with both love and friendships.

With love I explained it before, but in friendships I can tell you that in 7 years you will not have the friends you’ve had all your life. And this is due to the evolution that you have been doing.

Do not worry, because you will not be alone. You will find other people on your way, through your work, your hectic social life, your new way of seeing things … That will bring you much more than the friendships you have today.

Something that will also make you evolve a lot, are your children, if you have them.

You must listen to them, understand them, support them, because the things that live or tell you will be very important messages for you and your life

You’re going to have a very deep and interesting year, so enjoy it.

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